Welcome to the KADH English Homepage

Welcome to the Korean Association for Digital Humanities (KADH). Established in 2015 as a consortium, KADH serves as a shared platform for individuals and groups currently engaged in, or interested in digital humanities research and education. Our purpose is to enhance the digital humanities landscape in Korea by sharing experiences and expertise.

As of summer 2024, KAHD is officially one of the Constituent Organisations (CO) of the Alliance for Digital Humanities.

For more details on our organization, see our constitution, founding statement, welcoming remarks, and the list of KADH Officers.

Our Korean homepage (which provides regular updates on various DH activities in Korean) can be found here.

  • Announcement: KADH 2023 Annual Conference

    We are glad to announce the KADH 2023 Annual Conference which will be on December 2nd 2023. The conference will be conducted in Korean, and can be accessible via the links below. YouTube Streamlink https://youtube.com/live/xDouZzJChSA Zoom Address https://zoom.us/j/3507580705 See more details are available here (in Korean)