[CFP] Charting the European D-SEA: Digital Scholarship in East Asian Studies

Digital Humanities (DH) is an emerging research paradigm that brings computational methods to the humanities, arts, and social sciences, driven by the abundance of digitized and born-digital research materials. In Europe, DH has drawn significant attention from scholars, institutions, and research-funding agencies over the past decade, leading to numerous national and pan-European projects creating digital resources and infrastructures for DH scholarship. The significance of digital humanities is underscored by a variety of annual conferences such as DH Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg), DHD (Digital Humanities in German-speaking areas), and the European Association for Digital Humanities (pan-European). The International DH Conference, held every two to three years in Europe, further demonstrates a strong European interest in DH.

However, European East Asianists have yet to find a dedicated space for effectively exchanging and discussing knowledge on digitally processing and analyzing research materials in East Asian languages. While scholars within each sub-discipline may be very familiar with each other’s work, Europe is still lacking a research community that addresses digital scholarship issues across all humanities disciplines concerned with East Asian regions and languages.

This conference aims to survey the current state of digital scholarship in East Asian Studies within Europe, to build a European community for East Asian scholars interested in digital scholarship, and to offer a platform for European scholars to obtain knowledge about key methods and resources created in cutting-edge digital projects in East Asian Studies worldwide.


Deadlines For proposing presentations/workshops: April 21, 2024

For registering as an attendee: April 21, 2024

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