Data papers: Maximising potential and getting recognition and rewards for sharing humanities data (Online)

Join us online to follow an event on the value of data papers for researchers to maximise the potential of our work and gain recognition and rewards for sharing humanities data.  

A data paper makes other researchers aware of data that has been published and allows a researcher to give further context to their data and the way it has been generated or gathered; managed; and prepared for sharing.  

In his half-day event, we will hear from a number of specialists and humanities researchers about why you should share your data (and where) and why and how you should write about this data (and where!). We will also be introduced to a number of examples of recently published, and planned, open access humanities data papers in the Journal of Open Humanities Data and NESCUS journal’s Data Papers section.   

Our keynote speaker will be Dr Barbara McGillivray, lecturer in digital humanities and cultural computation at King’s College London and Turing fellow at The Alan Turing Institute. With a specialist interest in open data in the Humanities research, her talk will draw on her experience as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Open Humanities Data  

We will close the event with two sessions that will encourage us to engage more widely with open access publishing via our event funders, the Open Library of Humanities, a nonprofit, diamond open access publisher in the humanities and social sciences, of which UCC is a supporter.  

The link to follow the event will be sent to you once you have registered. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and contribute to the conversation during the event via a dedicated member of the event organisational team. 

Attendance is open to all, though places are limited so please book your free ticket asap.  

We would like to thank the OLH and the UCC College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences for co-funding the event.


11.00am: Event opening, Hardy Schwamm, Head of Research Services, UCC Library

11.05: Why share your humanities data and where?, Dr Aoife Coffey, chaired by Coral Black  

11.15: Archiving and Sharing the Women of the Borderlands Data, Dr Dyuti Chakravarty, Dr Niall Gilmartin and Dr Theresa O’Keefe, chaired by Hardy Schwamm  

11.30: Keynote presentation: Writing about Data and the Journal of Open Humanities Data, Dr Barbara McGillivray, chaired by Dr Órla Murphy 

12.30 – 13.15: LUNCH and COFFEE 

13.15: Data Paper Case Study, Crowdsourced datasets in the Journal of Open Humanities Data, and the issue of precarity of data in GLAM systems, Dr Victoria Van Hyning, chaired by TBC 

13.35: Data Paper Case Study, The Ports, Past and Present Project Data Paper, Dr James Smith, Dr Deborah Thorpe and Hope Noonan Stoner (in person) (20 mins), chaired by Dr James Kapalo 

13.55: Open Access Publishing: My Experience, Dr Miranda Corcoran, chaired by Donna Ó Doibhlin  

14.05: Reflections, Paula Clemente Vega, OLH, introduced by Dr Aoife Coffey 

14.15: Event close and time to talk before departure

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