Online Presentation Schedule for the Joint DH Summer Workshop

Date and Time:
August 26, 2023, from 19:30 to 22:00, CST

(한국시간: 8월 27일 오전 09:30 – 오후 12:00)

Bilibili Live Stream Link:

Student Team Project Summaries

In Chinese

In English

  • The Networks of Marketplaces in the Middle of Shandong During the Late Qing Dynasty and Republic of China — Based on the Local Gazetteers(基于地方志的晚清民国鲁中基层市场网络探析)
  • Where to Prosper: Spatial Network Perspective on “Jiangnan Academic Community” of Qing-Dynasty Confucianism (空间关系视角下的清代“江南学术共同体”问题再榷)
  • Medical System and Health Space in Modern Beijing City (1928-1942): A Geospatial Analysis (民国北京城内医疗卫生空间分析)
  • Research on Core Concepts of Song-Ming Neo-Confucianism (宋明理学核心概念研究)

  • Exploration of Poetics and Academic Relationship of Jiangxi School of Poetry Based on Quantitative Analysis (基于定量分析的江西诗派诗学与学缘探析)
  • ‘In a World Illuminated by Words’: A Diachronic, Quantitative Analysis of Mu Dan’s Poetic Style (基于文本风格计量的穆旦生命史探索)
  • The Customs of Reclusion and Social Munificence: Social network analysis of Chen Jiru (1558-1639) (在野风尚:陈继儒(1558-1639)的社会网络关系分析)
  • The Transformation of the Concept of “Fu Nv 婦女 (Women)” in Modern Chinese Newspapers and Magazines (从晚清民国报刊看“妇女”概念的变迁)

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