Digital Korean Studies in Korean Studies

하와이 대학교(University of Hawai‘i)의 한국학 센터에서 출판하는 국제학술지 <Korean Studies>의 스폐셜 섹션

Digital Korean Studies (디지털 한국학)이 발간되었습니다.

홍콩대 Javier Cha 교수님과 덴마크대 Barbara Wall 교수님이 함께 좋은 연구를 모아 발간하셨습니다.

“(Editor’s Note) The digital transformation of Korean studies in the past two decades has reshaped all areas of research, from conceptualization to publication, a change perhaps most profoundly felt in the humanities. In recognition and celebration of this transformation, this journal has assembled a special section on digital Korean studies. It is an outcome of a three-year-long project dexterously organized and guest-edited by Javier Cha and Barbara Wall, a process that included joyful workshops in Seoul and Copenhagen. The twelve special section articles deal with the diverse terrain of knowledge production in Korean studies made possible by groundbreaking digital and computational methods.”

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